Whos afraid of Donald Trump?
Boris Kagarlitsky Platypus Review #88 | July-August 2016 Against the backdrop of the numerous discussions of the political agenda, appearance, and [...]
Financial industry limping into digital age
We leave heavy digital footprints but many money practices are outdated. Removing the barriers to digital innovation is often as simple as utilising new [...]
When Will the Cyber 9/11 Strike the USA?
  By John mariotti.    (1) Anyone who has read the news lately must have noticed how many instances of hacking and cyber-intrusions are [...]
New Mortgage Mobile App in Canada
On May 17, CIBC introduced a stand-alone app that allows consumers “to apply for, negotiate and receive approval for a mortgage with just a few taps [...]
Commercial Banking vs Merchant Banking
Commercial banking and merchant banking are two of the primary forms of banking services which offer some of the most lucrative careers in finance. Their [...]
AUD/USD Aussie Higher on Strong GDP
The Australian dollar has posted gains on Wednesday, as the pair trades at 0.7270. The currency moved higher as Australian GDP climbed 1.1%, well [...]