How to Put Money Back into Your Pocket

September 19, 2015 - Finance
How to Put Money Back into Your Pocket

Reverse your banking fees

For most people, it may seem easier to simply “bite the bullet”. But with a little work, you can possibly have those annoying fees reversed. For starters, you should quickly address the issue. So when you spot the charge, you should be contacting your financial institution. Also, you should time the call just right. Waiting until late in the afternoon is not a good decision. This is a time when representatives’ patience is thin and they are exhausted. Once you have someone on the phone, start explaining your case and ask that they give you a pass because of the stellar history that you have with them. If you have been a longtime customer with a good standing, you will have the advantage. After you have pleaded your case and the representative doesn’t budge, you can ask to speak with the supervisor. Your other option is to simply end the call with that representative and try again. 

Cutting your insurance costs

If you are willing to sell your privacy, you can save money on your car’s insurance. More and more auto insurers, such as Allstate, State Farm, and Progressive are offering a “user-based” coverage. You will get an annual discount on your insurance, when you allow the auto insurers to track your driving. The auto insurers will provide you with a tracking device that connects to your vehicle and becomes an onboard diagnostics port. They will be tracking a variety of things in your vehicle, such as acceleration, turns, and driving speed that is transmitted wirelessly to your insurer. Taking advantage of this program can save you 10-15% off your premium. One of the biggest worries that drivers have shared is the insurers might possibly establish a FICO-style driver score system that will be attached to the driver, whenever they are shopping around for new insurance.

Obtaining scholarships for college

For those college students in need of additional cash, there is hope. As the tuition for universities and colleges continue to increase, scholarship money from foundations, corporations, and private-sector benefactors continue to grow as well. It is important that a student prospect begin searching for scholarships as soon as possible, by utilizing websites that help families in finding scholarships that they may qualify for. A parent should check with their employer as well to see if any scholarship programs exist for their children. Finally, you should aim high. Large national scholarships have stiffer competition, but a qualified applicant should still attempt to obtain the scholarships. It is worth the effort, when you consider the huge payoff.